Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yoga Asana Series

My latest digital artwork is a series of Yoga Asana or (Yoga Postures) now available from my Etsy store as Limited Edition ACEO Prints, Bookmarks, and Wearable Art Pendants


I've always admired dance, sports, acrobats, and the human body in various postures and states - not only because of the endless possibilities that it allows to play with form, but also because the figure is so able to translate energy and inner states of being. So naturally, while watching my wife practice her daily Yoga routine I took some pictures with my digital camera and thought how best i could capture this beautiful and dynamic form of exercise.

I hope each Yoga Asana piece can serve as a good luck charm for a more wholesome and integrated life. 

The circular designs are based on the idea of the Mandala. Mandala in 'Sanskrit' can be translated as "completion" and represents wholeness and how we are connected to the environment that surrounds us. In addition, the circles inside some of the figures suggest energy centers or "chakras" that run along the spine. I also used symbolic color harmonies to match the title of each piece.

To see the complete Yoga Asana series please visit my online studio at:


  1. Hi Daniel! Thaks for stoping by and saying hello! Your works are amazingly beautiful and inspiring, love the book marks so pretty! Hope to visit often! :)
    Have a fatastic weekend!