Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Share your favorite media or material

Have you ever thought about why you gravitate towards working in certain media or materials?

1. What media or material(s) do you use? Do you work primarily with one media/material or do you combine or use several?

2. When choosing a media or materials what factors come into play when making your decision? (expense, ease of use, space requirements, audience, aesthetics, safety, etc).

3. Do you think the choice of materials says anything about how you approach your work?

While these 3 questions are basic, they are an interesting start in understanding the creative path and why one makes certain choices?

Please include a link to your work or website to share with fellow creatives. Thank you for your participation!

My answers:

1. I use oil paint. This is the primary material i use.

2. I use oil paint because it has a rich, creamy, and malleable texture and it doesn't dry readily and can be mixed while working. It does not need to be covered under glass if a varnish is applied and it can be applied to almost any prepared surface. Also, you don't need that much space to store it and to use it. It has a long life span once applied.

3. I think i use oil paint because i feel i am in control and can get the level of detail i need, you can work slowly at your own pace, and it is easy to set up. Being able to reproduce a range of colors by blending a few basic hues has always fascinated me.


  1. my tool of choice is a pencil and any paper. because i'm a bit of a perfectionist and i erase a lot.
    i paint, but it drives me crazy not being able to erase things.

  2. this is fantastic - will definitely give it a try!

  3. Great blog post! And very thought provoking =)

    I use watercolors on paper - and I prefer artist grade in both =) I have been known to combine a wide variety of water based media together, too.

    I like the watercolors because they are fluid, they dry quickly, and they are transparent and allow many layers to be built up. I can leave them in the palette and rehydrate them whenever I want to paint - no waste at all =)

    I like to work quickly but deliberately and I think that watercolors allow me to do this. I like the intricacy of layer upon layer and the transparency - again, perfect with watercolor. And I am very annoyed by the wasted paint when I use acrylics! My watercolor paints are always happily waiting for me =)


    btw - your paintings are lovely!!!